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Time is money!

Thinking of an intelligent storage system simply as an aid to better organize one's work is a common mistake ....

Have you ever tried to check how much is the real cost of managing components within your production process?

We will help you ...

Try to find out how much you really need to manage all the components of your production:

- Get the list of required components

- Understand, for each one, its position within your warehouse

- Retrieve the components

- Once the production is finished and the components have been removed from the machine, understand where they will need to be repositioned

- The time actually needed to put them back in their correct place

Do you want some real data collected from different "traditional" production sites?

The average movement of each component in a "not-smart" environment is around 4 minutes .

This means that, by handling even a very small number of components every day, let's say 60 for example, almost 4 hours of time are spent just to carry out this task.

Considering the average of 220 working days per year, the total of hours spent solely to move the components becomes in the order of 880 hours !

How many boards must be produced and how much influence the speed of your Pick & Place to be able to compensate for this amount of time?

Not convinced of these numbers? Do you want to know how much the choice of a smart system could have an economic impact on your business?

Enter your real data relating to a sample production in our configurator and discover in a few seconds how much you could really save by introducing the Archimede system into your assembly line!


(1) Estimation carried out considering 3 sec of picking time, 5 sec of placing back time

(2) Considering all productions of the same type for 220 days

Do you know how efficient you are in your production?

How much time as a percentage of the total production time is actually lost in the not-smart management of components?

That is, how much are you really exploiting the potential of your Pick & Place machines?

In particular, in the case of small / medium productions it is very likely that most of the time is wasted in handling and finding the components in stock.

Check for yourself, adding to the data collected in the previous case those of the boards to be produced together with the productivity of your line




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