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Archimede Management Software

Completeness and simplicity at your fingertips

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Complete traceability of components

Easier, faster and more organized than simple documents or spreadsheets

A complete solution to trace all your components, both inside the shelves and outside them. Manage the quantities and synchronize them with your machines (depending on machines software).

Record component data

Incoming has never been easier

Record all component traceability data. You'll always know what you have used in your productions

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Import and manage your productions

Create your productions from both BOMs and Pick & Place files

Quickly create productions starting from the files generated by your CAD program.

Load a production to verify its producibility in few seconds and to have all the necessary components illuminated

Check availability and track costs

Don't get caught unprepared

Manage production batches, component availability and cost of boards in real time. Check before starting production if your components are not enough or are about to run out

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