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Archimede Cart

Move your components quickly and safely

Transferring the components from the warehouse to the tooling area or directly to the Pick & Place is no longer a problem.

Thanks to our intelligent cart, directly connected to the Archimede system of your company, transferring the components necessary for production is immediate: through the use of sensors and RGB LEDs, the illuminated components in the warehouses can be simply picked up and inserted in any free position of the trolley.

Once you arrive in the tooling area thanks to the use of a long-lasting battery, just request the necessary components and, through the possibility of sequential withdrawal and the aid of the touchscreen display, the trolley will indicate the components to be used one at a time, showing them all the data on the screen.

Loader set-up errors and long set-up and verification times will be a distant memory!

Archimede Smart Cart Video

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